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Fedora 9 64 issues or bugs?


I've just installed Fedora 9 64 and I have following two issues I am
not sure whether they are bugs or I did wrong:

1. I want to change /proc/bus/usb to user level access permission. I
put following statement in fstab, but does not change the uid
and gid, it is still with root:root access permission.

none /proc/bus/usb usbdevfs rw,devmode=0664,devgid=43 0 0

Please advice what I could be missing? What is a correct way to change
USB port uid and gid in Fedora 9?

2. I am running GROME on Fedora 9. I opend 6 terminals in each
WorkSpace of four WordSpace. I saved it in current session, I also
ticked "save session applications when logout". But, everytime when I
start the x window and the session, every WorkSpace missed 2
terminals, and the session could not place the terminals in right
positions. Is it bug or what I can fix it?

Thank you.


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