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Re: mplayer dependencies on RPM Fusion

Michael Schwendt wrote:
On Tue, 4 Nov 2008 01:25:29 +0100, Andras Simon wrote:

In other words, my question is not about whether mplayer really
depends on those other packages, but whether it should depend on them.
 And I still think that downloading the rpm file will not answer this.
(I may very well be wrong, of course.) Browsing mplayerhq.hu
may. Or asking about it here.

Well, with the downloaded pkg I showed that /usr/bin/mplayer actually is
linked against the Samba Client library. That library would not be
available during compilation if it weren't pulled in as a build
requirement of some sort. The pkg could also contain documentation
files which mention the SMB features in mplayer. ;)

Btw, RPM Fusion runs a list for its users:

If you ever build mplayer for the sources, you'll see that it has about a hundred configuration options, most of which a "normal" user doesn't need or want. Note that I said configuration "options", not "requirements" (big difference). Looks like the package maintainer has chosen to include them all, including the kitchen sink. But what else could he do? Definitely a case where you might be better off rolling your own version.



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