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Re: SANE Support in Fedora 9 for HP

Jeff Maxwell wrote:
I have a very old HP OfficeJet 630 parallel port multifunction
printer/scanner/fax machine.
Prior to Fedora 9, I had no problems with xsane/sane recognizing the
scanner function.

After installing Fedora 9 and going to the Software Add to include the
HP support for sane, xsane still can not find my device.

I have installed it as a printer without any issues.

I, remember when setting my hp all in One, having to exec "yum install libsane-hpaio" to detect the hardware, if that doesnt work in your case ( my AIO is USB) but maybe also you can try the instructions in /etc/sane.d/dll.conf:

# The following backends are not included in the sane-backends distribution
# If you want to use them, download them from their webpages and read their
# documentation
# HP OfficeJet backend homepage: http://hpoj.sf.net/
# Uncomment the following line if hpoj is installed:



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