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Re: mplayer dependencies on RPM Fusion

On 11/4/08, john wendel <jwendel10 comcast net> wrote:

> If you ever build mplayer for the sources, you'll see that it has about
> a hundred configuration options, most of which a "normal" user doesn't
> need or want. Note that I said configuration "options", not
> "requirements" (big difference). Looks like the package maintainer has
> chosen to include them all, including the kitchen sink. But what else
> could he do?

Yes, this is a problem not just with mplayer but with a lot of
packages. For example, ghostscript used to require the whole CUPS
cruft, even if you never planned to actually print something.

>                      Definitely a case where you might be better off rolling
> your own version.

Right, except that then you have to install a lot of development
packages... and enter dependency hell through another gate. Besides,
large-scale compilation on a netbook with a small SSD is something I'd
love to get by without.


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