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screen + vim + paste -> not happy

Hi Folks,

I've hit an odd problem when pasting large amounts of text into vim
running inside a screen session.

Steps to reproduce:

1. open a new file in vim (e.g. vim /tmp/foo) and enter insert mode
2. select a large amount of text (a few hundred lines or so)
3. paste (middle click or ctrl-c/ctrl-v) into the editor

At this point, Xorg CPU usage shoots up to close to 100%, the desktop
feels very unresponsive and the terminal window that vim is running in
flashes between a blue background with black borders and all-black.

A few minutes later, some or all of the text will appear (possibly with
some whitespace changes) in the editor and life goes back to normal. I'm
seeing this on two different systems with different graphics drivers
(i945 & nv).

I cannot reproduce this behaviour outside of screen and I've also
managed to make vim lock up a couple of times while running within
screen on f9 (I don't have exact steps to reproduce this - it seems like
some keystroke sequences trigger it but I can't make it happen at will).

I'll open a bugzilla for this, but figured I'd post it here in case
anyone's seen something similar.


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