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Re: fedora 9/10 Guest account?

Hmm, interesting. I'm rebuilding my image with that package installed, and selinux in enforcing mode on a test vm right now, and I'll see how it goes.


On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 3:36 PM, Doncho N. Gunchev <dgunchev dev ezsearch net> wrote:
Matt Nicholson wrote:
I'm looking to get a guest account setup, possibly on a whole host of workstations I run running F9.
These workstations auth against and ldap/kerberos setup we have, fyi.

so far, my idea is to create a local "guest" user, and user pam_mount to create a tmpfs home directory for the guest user on login, so that it will be removed on logout. I want this user to only be able to login though GDM.

Does any one have any experiance doing something like this? is there any though of taking the Guest user system Ubutu recently implemented on?

Any help/ideas would be great.

What about http://james-morris.livejournal.com/25640.html :-)

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