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Re: Why is a terminal in F9 starting in ~/Documents?

On Tuesday, Nov 4th 2008 at 01:46 -0000, quoth g:

=>Hash: SHA1
=>Steven W. Orr wrote:
=>> Sorry, I didn't think I needed to mention it. I'm running KDE. Those must 
=>> be gnome instructions.
=>no problem. i use kde also. no, they are from 'konsole'.
=>my error was in my reply of 2008.1104.00:13:44 utc in that i clicked wrong
=>message and replied to paul w frields post of 2008.1103.21:33:49 utc,
=>wherein he infers his reply was for gnome. i guess he clicked wrong message
=>anyway, if this clears up what we did, great.
=>so again, 'big q'. did you correct your start directory problem straightened?

No! This is a problem in the way the X server is configured. The xterm 
just starts in the directory that it's started from. It's the server 
that's in the wrong directory.

Is no one else unhappy with this?

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