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Re: screen + vim + paste -> not happy

Les Mikesell wrote:
This may not solve your problem, but just in general I find it much nicer to use freenx and the NX client from www.nomachine.com for the

Thanks for the suggestion but that's not really an option here - many of the systems I'm logging into don't have the requisite bits available to use freenx and are not under my direct control. Using one host as a "gateway" where all the terminal windows live would also be a bit restrictive for the way that I work.

I'm guess I'm pretty settled in my ways with screen etc. and it fits nicely into the way I like to organise my work. Screen did not have this behavior back in FC6, so it appears that something changed in the meantime.

If you haven't tried it, it is much more responsive on remote connections than other remote X approaches and cross platform clients are easy to install.

I've tried FreeNX and for what it does, it's definitely a big step up from vnc etc., but I'd still like screen to work the way it used to - it's a bit of a "from my cold dead hands" issue I guess :-)


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