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Re: Preventing USB automount

> Stuart Sears wrote:
> The issue here is that it's not udev that is doing the mounting, AFAIK.
> This is done by hal - or it would happen on the console too.
> do you want the device nodes created at all?
> or just not mounted?
> you can completely disable usb storage devices using /etc/modprobe.conf,
> if you wish, just add this line to it:
> install usb_storage /bin/true
> This will prevent usb_storage devices from working (as long as
> usb_storage is not already loaded). It's a bit of a drastic solution,
> but it works fine. However, their device nodes will also not exist, so
> manual mounting is out of the question as well.
> The hal solution offered earlier seems like a good start if you want the
> devices to be mountable, but not automounted.
> There's probably a gconf key to prevent this from happening under GNOME,
> too if you'd rather. KDE will have a similar setting.

I'll likely need the device nodes to be created in case there's an admin
need.  But the user on the system should not get access to any usb storage
device.  Hence the need to only disable the automount part of the process.

A quick test of turning off haldaemon didn't prove promising.  I noticed
immediately that automounting CD's is disabled.  That's something I want
to keep working.

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