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Re: selinux question(s) (/home really = /n/home..)

yes, all upto date. a new build from my kickstart is finishing updating right now (had to add oddjob/turn it on by default). Once its done I'll send what info I can.

Before i was getting an selinux alert/error, but i generated and loaded a local policy, which took care of the selinux alert, but still didn't fix xguest (it just bouces back out to GDM).

More coming soon. Thanks for all the help!

On Tue, Nov 4, 2008 at 1:54 PM, Daniel J Walsh <dwalsh redhat com> wrote:
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Matt Nicholson wrote:
> Right, that did it (after i started the oddjobd service, that is).
> Now, the original reason i turned selinux back on was to use
> xguest....saddly, this isn't working still...
Why not?  Are you fully up2date?

xguest should be working on F9 and F10 right now.

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