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Re: IBM 19K5544 Intel Pro/100 Ethernet Adapter

On Sun, Nov 2, 2008 at 7:08 AM, Tod Thomas <fr33zone gmail com> wrote:
> I have two of these (PCI) network cards, they seem pretty nice.  I'm not
> sure where I got them but I was wondering if they should work with Fedora?
>  I plugged one in but lspci doesn't see it and trying to find it in dmesg
> failed.  Just trying to avoid going out and buying new cards for an old
> machine I'm trying to get up and running.  I have a feeling they are IBM OEM
> and won't work with Linux but thought I'd check before tossing them.
> Thanks - Tod
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Hi Tod!

I think the important thing here is that you do not see it with lspci,
which I believe implies a BIOS or Hardware problem.  If it were me I

1. Make sure you are root when running lspci.  Try lspci -v -v -x and
other variants.

2. Refresh the CMOS.  Go to CMOS setup during boot (watch the screen -
most likely it will tell you how) and select "factory defaults" or
"default settings" - save and exit.  Often in an old computer the CMOS
battery goes low and the CMOS settings go flakey.  By restoring
defaults during boot you write a clean set of settings while power is
held up by the computer being on.  If this clears the problem, replace
the battery. Sometimes it works to remove the CMOS battery and do the
above test.  See if lspci sees it now.

3. Try another PCI slot on your machine.

4. Confirm that the card works in another machine.

5. Obtain service manual for card and motherboard and look for an
issue related to PCI bus setup (run - update-pciids ? ).  Google is
our friend with this kind of thing.

Good Hunting!


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