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Re: control-center?? -- SOLVED

>> Have you been editing the menus?  As well as options for adding or
>> changing menu content, you can simply turn some entries on or off.

>         No, I haven't. I know I installed the app to do it, but I've
> been more concerned with other things, and haven't even tried it. 
>         I just found one, called alacarte. 

I thought you were using Fedora 9?  You don't need to add an editor
program, it should be possible to edit menus just by right-clicking on
the top of the menu.

> On the machines without the Control Center on the panel, sure enough,
> it was unchecked there, God knows why. So I checked it, and various
> other intriguing stuff besides.

I don't know why some computers would be different than others.  But the
default menus are set up from .desktop files from, at least,
within /usr/share/applications/ (though there's other places, too),
where you can look through them to see if there's any "hidden" or
"OnlyShowIn=Gnome" settings.  Hint:  locate .desktop

Personalisations are stored inside your homespace, which will override
the system ones.  Look in:  ~/.local/share/applications/

Some .desktop files won't be used directly for menus, they'll be used by
other things, that make use of the same format.

[tim localhost ~]$ uname -r

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