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Re: acer aspire one - wireless ethernet

On Tue, 04 Nov 2008 19:18:01 -0600
Frank Cox <theatre sasktel net> wrote:

> I'm just about out of time to play with this for the moment but later tonight
> I'll copy another large file and  I'll see if my other laptop still connects
> wirelessly after the connection to the Acer locks up.  It still connected
> earlier this afternoon but that was after the Acer connection had been locked
> up for a while.
> It's obviously not locking up the whole router because I can still log into the
> router's configuration page to reset it.  But again, it won't let me reconnect
> to the router with the Acer until I reset the router.  Otherwise it just keeps
> asking me for the WPA2 password.

Now I've done some more experimenting.

I put both the Acer and my other laptop online wirelessly.

Copying a large file from my desktop computer to the Acer locks up the wireless
side of the router. The copy fails after  just over 3mb has been
transferred and you can't do anything with the wireless connections after that.
While the connections still read as up (four bars) on both laptops, you can't
communicate and you can't re-connect until the router has been reset.

Copying that exact same file (and a bunch more afterward for good measure) from
my desktop computer to my other laptop works perfectly.  The files transfer and
everything works just like it should both before and after the copy has been

If I don't copy large files from my desktop computer to the Acer when it's
connected wirelessly, then everything seems to work.  I can use the Acer to
browse the web and so on without any apparent problem that I've seen to date.

I'm pretty sure it's something to do with higher transfer speed that you get
with a local file copy versus something that's coming in over the internet.
The Acer is apparently sending something unexpected to the router that causes
the wireless functions of the router to lock up.  The wired connections to the
router continue to work normally.

The router is a "Belkin Wireless G".

I wonder if there is some kind of a "stop for a moment because I'm overloaded"
command that the Acer is sending to the router, and forgetting to tell the
router to start again afterward.

I just filed this here:


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