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Re: Flash not displayed in Firefox (uses gnash)

David Orman wrote:
As an interested new Fedora user, who would like to avoid proprietary software - is Gnash the way I should be looking? I've heard of another project, swfdec, but never been told which option is better supported/has more developer activity/tends to work best.

Flash usage for me is fairly limited, I only use flash for last.fm <http://last.fm>, youtube, and menus on websites. Unfortunately, it is a necessary evil due to my employment.

I've been attempting to go the Adobe route (due to seemingly not having an option) - but this is a pain on 64-bit Linux. Any input would be very much appreciated!

For similar uses, I have been using swfdec in rawhide recently and it works very well. I am not a heavy users and I avoid flash as much as possible so this experience is certainly not authoritative but you should definitely give it a try

# yum install swfdec-mozilla swfdec

Gnash does work with Youtube but not as successful for me in other websites. In either case, I do recommend file bug reports just in case, swfdec doesn't work for you. The developer is quite responsive.


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