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Re: A New fedora user question

On Wed, Nov 5, 2008 at  6:22 AM, Jeff Maxwell wrote:

On Wed, 2008-11-05 at 22:24 +1030, Tim wrote:
On Wed, 2008-11-05 at 19:46 +1100, VAFA KHALIGHI wrote:
1- I installed the adobe flash player, but when I explore some intenet
pages which require flash player, it says missing flash player. Any
one knows how can I resolve this problem?

I too have had issues with Adobe Flash player. I have visited web sites
that say that I am missing this.  I've gone to the the Adobe web site
and have followed their instructions but still find that the yum or rpm process has not properly updated FireFox. Per the Adobe web site, if I
check the plug ins, I should see that Adobe Flash is include after
following the install instructions.  Fedora 9 believes that it has
installed it.

That could just be badly authored sites, but you'd need to give us some
examples.  A common reason that sites reckon you don't have something
that you do have is that they do a stupid test via something *else*,
then make wrong assumptions based on those results (e.g. use JavaScript
to check something, or try to set a cookie, or look at the version of
the browser that you're using and compare it with their short list).

An example of a Flash-using site that work relatively painless for me,
without having to install anything other than the Adobe Flash player
(via their repo), and the libflashsupport RPM:  http://youtube.com/

2- can anybody please tell me how to download and install latest nvida
driver for my computer?

Up until a day or so ago, I would have said add the Livna repo to your
computer, and yum install akmod-nvidia (rebuilds itself after any new
kernel installations), *OR* kmod-nvidia (requires updating with an
updated kmod-nvidia RPM after any new kernel installations). But Livna has just merged into RPM fusion, and I'm not sure of the procedure for
starting from scratch, now.

I see no harm in installing the Livna repo RPM for Fedora 9, then doing
yum update once or twice to let it sort itself out.  Then yum install
the nvidia RPM that you want.  See:  <http://rpm.livna.org/rlowiki/>.
I'm sure it'd be a bit less messy to start off with the RPM Fusion repo,
but I can't advise about doing something that I've not done, myself.

The kmod-nvidia also had two variations, for 96xx series and legacy
graphics cards.  See:  http://rpm.livna.org/rlowiki/LivnaSwitcher

[tim localhost ~]$ uname -r

Don't send private replies to my address, the mailbox is ignored.  I
read messages from the public lists.


I ran into a situation with Firefox where I had an older version of the Adobe flash plugin loaded and loaded a newer one thinking it would over-write the old one. It loaded in a new location and I ended up having two of them installed

This showed up when I used "about:plugins" and looked at the plugins Firefox reported. I then had to do some searching to find the older version and remove it. This has been sometime about and I'm not at that machine so I can't give any more details.

Hope this help a little.


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