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RE: acer aspire one - wireless ethernet

just saw this thread.. so bear with me if the questions are already

are you using dhcp on the router/laptops?

are you using static ip addresses?

what does the /var/log/messages say, if anything?

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Eric Feldhusen <efeldhusen lists gmail com> wrote:

> What brand and model of router?

It's a "Belkin Wireless G"

The interesting thing here is that I can copy the exact same file (and
ones too) from my desktop computer to my other laptop (a "no-name" Intel) on
same wireless router with no problem.

I also discovered that if the Acer and my other laptop are both online
wirelessly at the same time and I send a large file to the Acer from my
computer so it locks up the router's wireless capability, the other laptop's
wireless connection also locks up and won't re-connect even after I reset
router.  I also have to reboot the other laptop to get it back online,
otherwise it just continuously asks me for my WPA2 password.

So whatever it is that causes the lock-up, it doesn't just lock up the
wireless part of the router. It also locks up the wireless part of the other
Intel laptop.

However I don't have to reboot the Acer to get it back online after the
lockup.  While the Acer is the cause of the lockup for the other units,  The
Acer's wireless connection doesn't seem to lock up like the router and the
laptop do.  After resetting the route the Acer will say that the connection
lost, then reconnect to the wireless router automatically.

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