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Re: Yum Woes with Python (Michael Schwendt)

Nelson Chan wrote:
um.. i don't know what you are doing actually but i just make a guess. Should the python code be "from logging import config" instead of "import logging.config" ??

- Nelson Chan
This problem is the after effect of a package add that nicely toasted YUM (And cobbler, and any other Python programs using config or logging) and they break on the logging.config. I don't have very much of a clue on Python (haven't gotten around to learning it yet) so I am rather stumped on the problem. any time a program calls either 'import config' or 'import logging' the program dies saying module config not found. Most of the replies I have been making are results of 'try this for more output' requests.

Seems a wrong update has stumped a few people on the list. When I get the solution to this, I am adding it into my tech wiki, so I remember how to fix it afterwards. Sadly, though it is due to that Wiki(Trac) that all this started.....


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