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Re: CUPS, Alpine, and printserving

> Let me see if I have this straight. Having done most of the two 
> footnoted parts above (maybe all -- I tried to), I *think* I can just go 
> from client to client, deleting *all* printers (if all will let me; last 
> time I tried that, as I said above, there was one that seemed immortal, 
> afaict).

If desperate, one could go into /etc/cups/ and remove the entries for
particular printers.  I'm not sure how it handles missing files, but you
could load the file and remove all the configuration data, leaving just
the two comment lines at the top of printers.conf.

> 	If/when I get thepresent entries deleted, they will presumably 
> once again find my wife's printer downstairs. They did last time, 
> doubly : once as a printer and once as a fax. Does it hurt to have that 
> there? Should I re-delete it, or maybe go shut her machine down (she's 
> out of town) before I start telling clients to find printers?

I can't see a problem with their being a paper printer and a fax printer
on the list, unless they're named so badly that you can't pick the right
one, but a rename would sort that out.

If that computer's not in use, you could remove it from the equation
while you set the rest up.

>> * On my LAN, all the PCs are trusted explicitly, so I took the easy
>> option of setting the firewall to trust eth0 as a whole, rather than
>> particular ports.

> 	I did that, iiuc : marked both eth0 and ippp+ as trusted on all 
> clients and on the server.

I wouldn't go marking ppp as trusted, that's the interface to the world.
That's throwing the firewall away, completely.

>> ** Share out that printer to the LAN but it doesn't need sharing to the
>> internet, unless you have a mixture of different isolated subnets, where
>> that option will allow crossing from one subnet to another.  

> 	I don't have such complications -- it's all on plain LAN, without 
> subnets. But I don't follow how I share it only to the LAN -- unless 
> that's what trusting eth0 and ippp+ do, perhaps??

CUPS has two administration options in this area, share printers (to the
local network), and allow printing from the internet (share it to anyone
and everything).  The first will only allow printing within the boundary
of what's considered the local network.

Firewall configuration is a separate issue.  Allowing *connections*
between interfaces and ports, and where the allowing and disallowing
happens (with the local network, and the external network, separately).

> We don't normally fax things, nor receive faxes; but I can 
> easily imagine it becoming convenient to be able to print to one 
> another's printers, for instance if one breaks down or runs out of ink/
> toner/whatever. Otoh, it sounds like a large can of worms ...

Or, if one printer has features that the other does not (colour,
double-sided, collating, etc.), or you're going to print something
intended for the other person (it can sit in their printer out tray).
There's a plethora of reasons why you might do that.

On the other hand, if you have one printer that you want to be able to
use anywhere, and another that will only be used with the computer it
sits next to, then share out the first one, and don't share the second
> I haven't (yet, at least) done a thing about my wife's machine 
> nor printer -- not made it either a client or a server.

So, that's still got the factory pre-configuration, so to speak?  In
that case, I'd leave it alone while you play with the rest of your
network, and you can *look* at what it does as you go along.

>> Having said that, if you're reconfiguring a system which already had
>> printers configured all over the place on the clients, you'd want to
>> remove all those configurations, and then let them find the servers by
>> themselves, again.

> 	Hmmm ... Does that mean I need to go reconfigure my wife's CUPS 
> in any case??

Now I'm confused.  If you hadn't done anything to it before, why would
you need to now?

[tim localhost ~]$ uname -r

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