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Re: add menu to the panel (KDE 4.2) ?

On Thursday 06 November 2008 12:33:53 pm Florian Sievert wrote:
> Hi Kevin,
> > I want to add a menu item to the plasma panel (the panel formerly known
> > as kicker) not to the Fedora-Menu (the F in the left corner).
> >
> > I want an item on my panel/task manager at the bottom of the screen that
> > when clicked will bring up a menu.
> >
> > Is this do-able ?
> Yes, of course, even if it might be tricky to be found. First ensure
> that the desktop is unlocked, so you are able to add new plasmoids. Then
> start the kickoff menu and right click on the item, you want to add to
> the panel. You should the right item in the context menu (not sure
> what's actually called in the english version, but you ll find ;-)). The
> item in the contextmenu won't show up, if the plasma is locked, so some
> people don't find this feature.
> Best regards,
> Florian

Still no joy.

I did this:
1) unlocked desktop widgets
2) opened the kickoff menu
menu --> office

3) on this menu "screen" I see the openoffice menu. I want to add this entire 
menu to the plasma panel (not the kickoff menu) but if I right click on it It 
just opens the item and shows me the openoffice items writer, spreadsheet, 
etc just like it would had I did a left click on it.

Thoughts ?

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