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I just installed Fedora 9 on a thinkpad, with an Intel GM965/GL960 graphics card. I also got a Dell monitor.
I am interested in being able to turn off the laptop LCD screen and only use the Dell monitor.
I got a hint that it is possible for X60 thinkpad using aticonfig (from here: http://phaselockfel.blogspot.com/2008/02/install-fedora-8-in-thinkpad-t60.html). However, I do not have aticonfig installed, and I believe my graphics card is different.
aticonfig, though, has an option to turn off the LCD laptop display. Is there any way to find out what is the "aticonfig" on my Fedora installation for the video card I mentioned above?

I also tried a "dual head" setting in Fedora, this does not work as well. I am able to see, though, both screens, and they show exactly the same. I just want to turn off the laptop display.

I understand also that there is a different between making the LCD be blank and turning it off completely. I would like to turn it off completely. Any hints how to find the binary that controls the video card directly (just like aticonfig) would be appreciated. I tried really thoroughly to find that binary (if it exists), but could not.


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