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Is F9 Security an oxymoron?

I ask this because I am having new and persistant problems with both
Firefox and Konqueror running on 32-bit F9. The problems suggest DOS
exploits, and I wonder just how these exploits are being implemented
against the two browsers.

I am pretty much of the conclusion that all operating systems can be
cracked straightforewardly, mostly because of security holes in X11,
which is becoming a requirement of effective computer use.

Is anyone aware of legislation passed by Congress in 1995 mandating
that ALL computers be remotely accessible regardless of OS running on
the computer?  SMM services or Intel's VPro seem to be relevant here

I normally keep these thoughts to myself, but the increasing buginess of
the two browsers on F9 is beginning to aggravate me. All this seems to
have gotten much worse after I posted a review on Amazon of the book
_Judaism Discovered_ by Michael Coffman. I bought the book after I
discovered that the book had been banned by Amazon, the only book ever
banned by Amazon.  Could I have pissed off someone by buying and/or
reviewing the book? :-)

Attempting to post this, I got a shell error: cannot connect to
port 587. Connection Refused. 

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