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Re: sendmail

Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
On Fri, 2008-11-07 at 03:42 +0000, Amadeus W.M. wrote:
I want to be able to send email from my home computer to the outside world. I want to do that from a script, when certain events happen, so I can't use graphical clients like evolution. I have to use mail with sendmail or a replacement as postfix or qmail. Since sendmail comes by default with fedora, I thought I'd start with that.

Unless you really want to learn about sendmail or postfix, there's no
need to install a full-blown MTA just to send messages upstream. I've
found the foll wing useful in these circumstances:


It's a neat little Perl script that does exactly what you want.


If you want to avoid installing more stuff, just shut off sendmail, and any other MTA stuff you have running, and edit the submit.mc or submit.cf file to add in your smart host. Looking at the SMART_HOST line you provided, just dump that in the submit file.

SMTP auth is rather straightforward, but since I haven't done it in a while, here is a link for it: http://www.sendmail.org/m4/smtp_auth.html

As a side note, when sending through an ISP mail relay, you need to get the Auth Details from the ISP, usually this is a webmail/account access username/password.


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