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Re: dependency champion?

Les Mikesell wrote:
Gordon Messmer wrote:
Henk Breimer wrote:

Pango *is* a helper for every language. Thai just happens to be one case where the functionality required for rendering their language existed already and could be reused, rather than requiring the Pango team to write it themselves.

This is how software is *supposed* to work.

You mean all optional things are supposed to be linked whether needed at runtime or not?

No, I mean that components should be reused to create broader, more capable, and more general components.

As far as linking goes, Pango gets that right, too. Pango's thai module is linked to libthai, and it's the only component that is. If you're concerned enough about 400k of disk, you can spend your time modifying the pango spec file to package the thai modules separately, and submit patches for the spec and for the distributions comps.xml file so that pango only gets Thai support when the user specifically installs Thai language support. However, you should consider the value of your time; creating those patches, testing them, and working with the maintainers to get them included is probably going to cost you considerably more than the disk space.

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