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Re: A New fedora user question

Jeff Maxwell wrote:
On Thu, 2008-11-06 at 19:05 -0800, Richard England wrote:
Tim wrote:
How did you install them to get more than one?  I've not struck that
problem.  I installed the Flash player using the Adobe RPM, and update
it with "yum update", along with everything else.

Richard England:
That's a question I wish I knew the answer to. I've suspected that it may have been drug along during and update but I'm certain. To the best of my recollection, however, I simply installed two versions from Adobe. I have also wondered if they changed to install location but I've spent no time investigating.
Was your system a fresh install, or did you update one version of Fedora
to the next over the top?  Mine was a fresh install.  Over-the-top
installs sometimes make a mess of things.

Well, I have a fresh install of Fedora 9 and when I've accessed a WEB
page requesting Adobe Flash, I followed the instructions to install it.
After installation, Fire Fox plug-ins still do not register that Adobe
Flash is installed.  If I attempt to install it a second time, I have
the message saying it is installed.  I may be naive, but it seems to me
that during the install (either rpm or yum) that some element did not
get moved into the Fire Fox plug-in directory.  Therefore, Fire Fox does
not know that it exists on the system.  Any help to address this would
be appreciated.


Jeff Maxwell

I don't know if this will fix your problem but have you run this script?
  mozilla-plugin-config -i -g -v

It registers the plugins from what I have found out. I am still trying to get my flash to play on F8 on a 64 bit system. The plugin is recognized and in the about:plugins but just doesn't work. I just need time.

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