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Re: No info when mouse over files/dir's with Konqueror on F9

Nigel Henry wrote:
I've already asked this here, and on the KDE list, but with no replies.

On KDE 3.5.9, when hovering the mouse over a file, or directory in Konqueror's file manager, I get a popup showing info for the file/dir, and at the same time, a line at the bottom of Konquerors window showing the same info.

For example. If the file/dir is a link, it shows where it's pointing to.

With F9, I have to right click, and access the properties to get this info, which if you're checking out the links on multiple files, like I am doing in trying to resolve a Java problem, it can be very time consuming.

is this supposed to work on F9 KDE4, as it did on KDE3?

A simple yes or no will do.

I don't get a popup (tooltip), but I've seen KDE4 screenshots that have it, so I am wondering if I have it disabled. I /do/ get info in the status bar (file type or symlink destination).

I'm running trunk, so this may be working better than in 4.1 (I'd expect to see it in 4.2).

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