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Re: utf-8 typing problem in X

Carlo Nyto wrote:
I have a problem with Fedora 9 - if I type in X, whether it is in a
firefox window, a gaim window, an xterm, a gnome-terminal, a gvim
window, it will randomly switch to some Unicode part of the character

It looks to me like the problem is that you're /not/ using a UTF-8 locale. Can you confirm that? Open a terminal and run:

$ set | egrep '^(LANG|LC)'

I think you should be using LANG="ja_JP.UTF-8"

I have found no way to convert the text to the proper part of the character set, and cut-n-paste preserves the problem.

I can tell you how to change the encoding of a file, but I'm not aware of any program that can shift characters to different unicode points. The problem isn't that the system is displaying your characters badly, it's that the characters are being entered as fullwidth latin characters rather than regular ascii. They look similar when printed, but they're not the same unicode characters.

The real mistake was using Fedora 9 in the first place, but I had no
idea how bad it would be - between problems like this that are
impossible to troubleshoot,

It's not impossible...

and an X server that won't listen on TCP
without me making source changes.

GDM is responsible for instructing X not to listen on TCP, and you'll find it used in other distributions of the same age. That problem isn't specific to Fedora.

Still, I'm going to not personally
worry about this, and switch to Ubuntu soon.

Ubuntu uses the same gdm, the same X server, and the same input methods that Fedora does. I don't think switching distributions will get you as far as configuring the system properly will.

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