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Re: How to enter unicode in F9

Alan Cox wrote:

> How about the other way around?  What if you want to,
> say translate unicode characters to english?  I have

I'm not sure what you mean by "to English", Unicode is a character
encoding not a language dependant encoding. You can look up unicode
symbols on www.unicode.org, you probably need the right fonts installed
that is all.


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For example, there is umlaut - and that could be transliterated into
`u' for example.  Others may have strange looking unicode and I have
no idea what it is supposed to me - so I cannot transliterate w/o knowing
what it is in the first place - so how do I find out? The unlaut is sometimes
obvious - but others are not.  So is there a way to show this?  As I said,
I get binary icons so how do I get the unicode decimal representation so
that I can match against the unicode character table to see what it is?

Would it be: print \\%d, $1 ?


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