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Re: F9 installation

On Sun, Nov 9, 2008 at 6:13 PM, Jerry Feldman <gaf blu org> wrote:
On 11/06/2008 01:44 PM, Germán Racca wrote:

Hi all:

I want to install Fedora 9 in a computer that already has Fedora 8,
but in a seprate place, just to have 2 different versions in one computer.
I new that in order to do it, I will have to create or resize a partition.
Well, when I run the installation DVD for Fedora 9 I get the following

Drive /dev/sda (114471 MB) (Model: ATA SAMSUNG HD120IJ)
114274 MB


LVM Volume Groups
 VolGroup00                                                                           114272
   LogVol00                                                            ext3         113216
   LogVol01                                                            swap           1024

Hard Drives
   /dev/sda1                                                             ext3            196
   /dev/sda2                      VolGroup00              LVM PV     114275

I have tried to do a lot of thing but no success. How could I get a space
of approximately 30 GB to install another Linux, in my case Fedora 9?
I think Aldo gave you a decent answer. You are stuck with LVM, but you still should be able to set up for a dual boot.
Problem 1 is /dev/sda1 is set up as your /boot partition. You will probably need to share this which means some manual editing of /boot/grub/grub.conf.
Resizing of an LVM logical partition can be accomplished via the system-config-lvm graphical LVM utility. Or you can use the nonm-graphical commands, such as resize2fs and lvm.

However possibly a better way might be to use a virtual machine, such as virtual box, and install Fedora 9 in virtualbox.

Jerry Feldman <gaf blu org>
Boston Linux and Unix
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