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Re: tar question

Thank you
it works
how about untar
tar cvf file.tar -T selectfile.txt
inside the selectfile.txt
how can I untar it
as all inside in /var/www/html instead of /var/www/html/version3
Thank you again

"Mikkel L. Ellertson" <mikkel infinity-ltd com> wrote:
chloe K wrote:
> Hi
> I have number of selected files to backup and it is also in different
> folders
> How can I make it easy?
> eg:
> tar zcvf select-file.tar.gz from selected file or tar zcvf
> select-file.tar.gz (from selected files in file.txt)?
> Thank you for your help
Check out the -T or --files-from= option.
Something like: (Double check the syntax!)

tar zcv -T file.txt -f elect-file.tar.gz

You will probable find the tar info file more helpful then the tar
man page.


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