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Re: exclude option for rsync

On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at 10:54 AM, Cameron Simpson <cs zip com au> wrote:
On 10Nov2008 09:56, L <yuanlux gmail com> wrote:
| I use rsync to sync a mirror site. I wnat to exclude files that were created
| more than 10 days ago. I have  a long list of excludes in a file. But I want
| a dynamic option.
| what is the option for this in rsync ?

As far as I'm aware there isn't one. The include/exclude stuff is
entirely pathname based. I have in the past done a recursive _listing_
of a mirror site, chosen files out of that, and constructed an
include/exclude file on that basis. This was automated with a script.

In my case the example was a GNU archive with multiple versions of
packages; I wished only to mirror the "latest" package.

If you can construct (via, perhaps, "rsync -n" and some postprocessing)
a list of the remote files that you want, or do not want, it is a pretty
easy task to convert that into an include/exclude list automatically. Then
you just use that in a wrapper script for calling rsync.


at the bottom of rsync example page @


it says

Fancy footwork with remote file lists

One little known feature of rsync is the fact that when run over a
remote shell (such as rsh or ssh) you can give any shell command as
the remote file list. The shell command is expanded by your remote
shell before rsync is called. For example, see if you can work out
what this does:

rsync -avR remote:'`find /home -name "*.[ch]"`' /tmp/

note that that is backquotes enclosed by quotes (some browsers don't
show that correctly).

not sure how to make this work.



Cameron Simpson <cs zip com au> DoD#743

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