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Re: exclude option for rsync

On 10Nov2008 00:21, Ryan Sawhill <rsawhill+flist gmail com> wrote:
| > One little known feature of rsync is the fact that when run over a
| > remote shell (such as rsh or ssh) you can give any shell command as
| > the remote file list. The shell command is expanded by your remote
| > shell before rsync is called. [...]
| Little-known indeed--I didn't know rsync could do that.. that's really cool.

I have mixed feelings about this coolness myself, having tripped over it
several times. It means that if you're trying to name
files-with-spaces-or-other-weirdness precisely you need to quote twice, once
locally as with any shell command, and then again for the remote shell. It's
doable, and even automatable (provided you trust there's a Bourne/POSIX shell
at the far end, otherwise of course the far end quote syntax will be

Cameron Simpson <cs zip com au> DoD#743

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