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fonts in f9

In in the process of upgrading from fc6 to f9, and one of the biggest 
is fonts.

I wont say that they have screwed things up (tho thats the way I feel) but they
have definately changed things...  WHY????

When I try to run xconfig to build a new kernel, the font size is bigger, and 
I dont
seem to be seeing the top  few items in the menus.  Anyone know where to change
this so I dont have to go hunting?

Dito with exmh, the fonts  in the table of folders are unreadable, but I know 
 to fix that one.

And Im running twm as a window manager.
In the dropdown menu for the running processes (the icon manager) the fonts are
probably twice the size that they were before.  Im going t assume this can be 
somewhere in .twmrc, but if anyone has gone thruthis and found the place, I 
be appreciative i you would drop a line,- it will save me some time.

All these changes are going to make working between f9 and earlier systems a 
pain,- Im going to have to think about how Im going to install the correct 
config files
for each release...

                                        reg dwf com

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