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Re: Linux backup help

bruce wrote:
hi les/guys...

assume you had/have a usb/external drive that was connected to the laptop.
assume that it was also the same size (2.5") as the laptop drive... couldn't
you set up a process to do a complete rsync/backup every x hours.... of
everything on the drive in use.

Well, yes, but one of the reasons you make backups is to cover the case where you meant to type 'rm -rf something*' when you are in the root directory and accidentally type 'rm -rf something *' instead. Or a software bug that does something like that.

this would give a complete, always available backup that would always be
right at your arms ready!!!

Yes - but it would be even better if you rotated 2 such disks - or ran over the network to another box.

ok.. so what would be needed to accomplish this!!

You can either do the obvious script that rsync's each partition and let cron run it, or look up one of the packages that keeps some history, like rdiff-backup.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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