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advice for data recovery

Hello All,

I am trying to recover .jpgs that were on a SATA drive that was formatted by 
mistake. No backup of course. Foremost has done a wonderful job of recovering 
several tens of thousands of files. Unfortunately many of them are either 
irrelevant (cached web fragments, etc.) or damaged. The most common type of 
damage is shown when trying to view them in Nautilus, when I get a message 
saying, "unsupported marker type."

It seems about 30% - 40% of the files recovered are damaged in this way.

They aren't my images and I am not able to gauge what is worthwhile or not but 
I would like to do some triage by only considering those of a certain minimum 
size (easy to do) and not damaged (no idea.)

So does anyone know of a program I can use to only copy files that are not 
damaged? I can sort out the teenies, but don't see how to proceed after that.  



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