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Re: Problem with Intel Wireless (iwl4965) on HP 8510w laptop

Richard Shaw wrote:
Let me start off by saying, it doesn't appear that the problem is with the wireless directly, but rather the negotiation when trying to connect. Once I get connected everything works fine. I seemed to have the best success with the kernel that shipped with F9, however, it wasn't even 100%, but more than 3 kernel updates later, things have only gotten worse. It usually take 6-14 tries to get a successful connection.

Some background info:

HP 8510w laptop with Intel 4965 wireless
D-link wireless G router
WPA2 security/passphrase\

This time it took about 8 tries... Anyone else have this problem or suggestions for a fix?


Yeah, I've been experiencing the same thing with a 4965 chip and several different wireless networks, wep, wpa and unencrypted. I have similar entries in my logs and no other useful information.

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