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Re: Create professional looking Invoices with Linux ?

Billingmanager will help you and free plus On-line.

Open office:

On Tue, Nov 11, 2008 at 7:42 AM, Richard England <rlengland verizon net> wrote:
Kevin Kempter wrote:
Hi All;

anyone have suggestions per software or openoffice templates that will help me create professional looking invoices ?

Thanks in advance

OpenOffice 2.3 on my F8 system, and OpenOffice 2.4 on my F9 system both an invoice form available.  I don't believe I've added anything of that nature post install.

Look in File>New>Templates and Documents  In OO2.3  At that level there are two called Modern Invoice and Elegant Invoice.  In OO2.4 use the same pull down but click on the "Templates" group and there is an Invoice document there.



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