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Re: Create rofessional looking Invoices with Linux ?

Tony Placilla <aplacilla jhu edu>
Sr. UNIX Systems Administrator
The Sheridan Libraries
Johns Hopkins University

>>> On Mon, Nov 10, 2008 at  5:24 PM, in message
<20081110162413 11195ff4 theatre sasktel net>, Frank Cox <theatre sasktel net>
> On Mon, 10 Nov 2008 12:48:50 -0700
> Kevin Kempter <kevin kevinkempterllc com> wrote:
>> anyone have suggestions per software or openoffice templates that will help 
> me 
>> create professional looking invoices ?
> On the rare occasions that I need an invoice, I create them with OpenOffice
> Writer.  I made a blank invoice sheet as a sxw (now odt) file back when, and
> just fill in the blanks and hit print as required.
> Of course, if you want an invoice that's integrated with your general ledger
> or something, then you'll have to get fancier than that.

Sun has a couple of nice template packs for OpenOffice.org available at

Specifically the one I use is

Which has 6 invoice templates

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