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Re: Help me mount this drive

Robert Wuest wrote:
> I bought a Cables-to-go USB to IDE/SATA Adapter (Model # 30504) to read
> some old drives sitting around.  I hook it up and it seems to connect
> and tell the host that it's there.  But it doesn't mount automatically,
> and I can't mount it manually.  In fact, I can't seem to read it at all.
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Does this adapter have its own power supply for the drive, or does
it gets its power from the USB bus? One thing I have found with the
ones that have their own power supply is that you need to turn on
the drive power before plugging in the USB cable. This gives the
drive time to spin up before the computer asks for the drive
information. (External cases do not seen to have this problem.)

On the other hand, if it uses the USB bus for power, they usually
have double USB plugs, one of witch is power only. It tends to work
better if you plug in the power plug first, let the drive spin up,
and then plug in the data connector.


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