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Re: Do not install or upgrade to gnome-panel-2.22.2-3.fc9.i386

Kam Leo wrote:
> Thanks for the feedback. It's the mouse driver update that is causing
> me the problem. I'm running F9 under VMWare Workstation. The
> xorg-drv-vmmouse package was also updated at the same time. I did a
> poor job of debugging the mouse driver which I initially suspected as
> the cause of the problem. I reverted from
> xorg-drv-vmmouse-12.6.1-1.fc9 to xorg-drv-vmmouse-12.5.0-1.fc9 and
> restarted gnome desktop but that didn't resolve the change to the
> mouse clicks. Reverting to the previous version of gnome-panel seemed
> to fix the problem. Upgrading xorg-drv-vmmouse to the latest brought
> the problem right back. Now, I have to go to bugzilla and ammend my
> report!
Funny you should mention vmware.  My F9 is also running under vmware. 

I have installed


installed....  And no problems.....

So, I guess I still am not sure where you think your problem is located.

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