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Re: Kismet and SELinux

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Mike Cloaked wrote:
> I am running an F9 system with SELinux enabled on a laptop.
> I recently installed kismet (yum install kismet) to check local wireless
> channels so I can ensure my AP does not conflict with other boxes nearby.
> I made the usual mods to the config files to set up sources etc and change
> the suiduser but when I try to run kismet as root (in exactly the same way
> as previously on boxes with SElinux disabled), I get an avc denial and on
> the terminal I get:
> FATAL: Could not open SSID track file '/home/mike/ssid_map': permision
> denied.
> The SELinux denial contains a Summary:
> SELinux is preventing the kismet_server from using potentially mislabeled
> files (./ssid_map).
> It suggested using restorecon but this makes no difference. The context
> remains as previously:
> system_u:object_r:user_home_t:s0
> I removed the file and tried again but kismet won't start if the file is
> absent. 
> I also tried to use chcon to set the context for this file - and this also
> makes no difference - at least with the contexts I tried for kismet_log_t
> and kismet_t is not permitted.
> Can anyone suggest how I might work around this?
kismet is not allowed to read files in the home directory,   So you
either need to move the ssid_map to a directory which kismet can read or
 modify policy to allow kismet to read the homedir.

/var/lib/kismet is probably a better location.

Or modify local policy with

# grep kismet /var/log/audit/audit.log | audit2allow -M mykismet
# semodule -i mykismet.pp
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