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RE: install Fedora 9 on Toshiba Satellite A305-S6825

On Wed, 2008-11-12 at 16:21 -0800, sam Ruma wrote:
> 1.      I’m not going to change my e-mail setup every time I send an
> e-mail just to make you happy. No one complains about the format but
> you. Maybe you have a problem with your e-mail. So, if you don’t like
> my e-mail don’t open it. 
> 2.      About top-posting. Guess what? I don’t attempt to do so. All I
> do is type the list e-mail (fedora-list redhat com) and the subject. 
> 3.      Since you are fedora guru, why don’t you solve the problem I
> have posted instead of arguing over minor things? 

1) If you look at the archives of this list you'll see a lot of
complaints about HTML and about top-posting, and not just from me.

2) You're top-posting because you're using Yahoo and that's what it does
by default. However you don't *have* to top-post, even with Yahoo. Most
webmail systems do top-posting by default because it's common in the
business world. However it isn't recommended on this list.

3) At no time have I ever claimed to be a Fedora guru.

4) Telling someone in one sentence to not bother reading your mail, and
in another that they should just answer your question and not complain
about how you ask it, is to say the least inconsistent. If I did know
the answer to your question (which I don't claim to) this is hardly the
best approach to eliciting it.

This thread is now ended as far as I'm concerned. Feel free to continue
offline if you want to.


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