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RE: Fedora Hangs on Laptop

for what it's worth.. and it might not be much!

i have a toshiba satellite, running f9, and had an issue where the system
would freeze/lockup, that i managed to resolve with new/different xorg

basically, i changed from radeon, to radeonhd in the xrog.conf, and
downloaded the appropriate driver. might help your issue.. but without
knowing more about your symptoms/setup, can't say for sure.

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2008/11/7 Dave Cross <davorg gmail com>:
> I'm running Fedora 9 on a Dell XPS M1330 laptop. I'm using one of the
> earliest F9 kernel (2.6.25-14.fc9.i686.PAE) because I've been unable
> to get a wireless connection with any later kernel that I've tried.
> But I'm having huge problems with this kernel too. At random times the
> machine just freezes completely. The capslock and num-lock buttons
> flash on and off but the only way out of it seems to be to turn the
> system off and restart. Sometimes it can be an hour or so before the
> problems occurs, but more often it's a few minutes. This obviously
> makes the system pretty much unusable. I can use the system for as
> long as Iike when I boot it into Vista.
> Has anyone else seen this behaviour? Or do you have any suggestions on
> how I can help to investigate the problem?

Last night I tried the Fedora 10 preview on this machine and I'm
pleased to report that not only did the wireless problems go away, but
I was able to use the system for three hours without it hanging.

Fedora 10 looks like a lovely release. I'm really looking forward to
the official version. Many thanks to everyone who was involved.


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