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Re: How to add packagekit to the Administration menu

On Thu, 2008-11-13 at 05:40 -0800, Ajit Warrier wrote:
> I removed packagekit because it kept popping up errors on my screen (I
> know, I should have tried to fix that instead!)

You want to try PackageKit in updates-testing. It's much never than
0.2.x. Also, you need to file bugs if you want something fixed.

> But anyway, I have now reinstalled it. However, it is not part of the
> Administration menu any more, nor does it pop up alerts when there are
> updates available. I have switched back to yum for now, but I am
> curious as to whether there is a way I can get this to work the way it
> used to. Please help.

That menu item is provided by gnome-packagekit, which depends on

If I were you, I would enable updates-testing, and install PackageKit
and gnome-packagekit and try it out again.


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