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Re: install Fedora 9 on Toshiba Satellite A305-S6825

Tim wrote:
What happens when you refuse to fit in:

You piss off the regulars, the ones who use the list all the time, and
provide the most help, and the most useful help.

And your messages/problems get ignored by the regulars, who are most
likely to have the answers to solve your problem, and see that the
problem gets fixed for everyone else (you and they get guided to
documentation, and to making bug reports, instead of just bitching).

You might get an answer by some of the irregulars, who have a tendency
to give you wrong and stupid instructions.

Then you start a fight trying to change everyone else to suit you,
and/or the MINORITY over to your MINORITY preferences.  Of course you
won't see that you're in the minority, because you've got your head too
far up your ass.

Let's try to keep this civil, shall we?

It seems that at least once a month this bloody topic arises and starts
another flame war.  Bruce has a misguided concept of what we would like
to see in the list.

If I were to walk into a restaurant with a sign saying "No shirt, no
shoes, no service" in my board shorts and DEMAND that I be served, I
expect I'd be "asked to leave" by some rather large fellows whose shoulders meet their heads directly with no hint of a neck.

The guidelines are essentially our "No shirt" sign.  The fact that we
often let the "No service" bit slip and help the miscreants (such as
Bruce) or uninformed (people unaware of the guidelines) is no reason to
disregard the guidelines when they've been pointed out INNUMERABLE
times, and often to the person violating them.

Bruce, if you don't want to play by our rules (after being asked to
nicely at least 10 times), then go find another list or expect to be
ignored in the future.  We try to be flexible, but NONE of us are paid
to help out on the list.  This is a voluntary effort (and I do mean
effort) by all of the contributors.  The guidelines exist to try to
expedite the flow of information.  Your steadfast refusal to accept
and abide by them is an egregious affront to the civility we try to

Now, can we PLEASE let this goddam thread drop and get on to more
important things?
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