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small fonts after rebooting fedora 9

Hello everybody,

My computer has not been rebooted for a couple of months. I restarted it on October 31st, and after the restart the fonts became tiny and with lot's of aliasing. I installed the OS in May and had the system rebooted many times since then. The Fedora automatic updates were enabled but I did not change any settings myself recently.

Different applications responded in a different way. For example, the email list in Thunderbird looked almost the same but the the messages had the tiny font. XEmacs had the small fonts not only for the text but for menus as well.

Rebooting again did not help. I also tried to change the dpi in Gnome's System->Preferences->Look and Feel->Apperance->Fonts->Detail. It fixed the fonts on the windows status bars only but not the text in the applications. I was able to make e-mails readable by changing the application font options. The fonts in terminal windows still look thin and a bit fuzzy but I can probably live with this.

The most important issue remains: XEmacs has this "compressed" look. It seems to ignore overall system dpi settings. XEmacs 21.5 (beta28) was like this even before the reboot but XEmacs 21.4 (patch 21) used to look normal. This is a screen shot of the XEmacs window on top of a web page with normal text and menu font sizes:


Removing "init.el" did not help. I could not find anything online. I posted the question on linuxquestions.org and on comp.emacs.xemacs with no results.

Please help! I do all my work in XEmacs and it hurts to stare at the fonts for the whole day...

Thank you!


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