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Re: advice for data recovery

Todd Denniston wrote:
> Dave Stevens wrote, On 11/10/2008 04:56 PM:
>> Hello All,
>> I am trying to recover .jpgs that were on a SATA drive that was
>> formatted by mistake. No backup of course. Foremost has done a
>> wonderful job of recovering several tens of thousands of files.
>> Unfortunately many of them are either irrelevant (cached web
>> fragments, etc.) or damaged. The most common type of damage is shown
>> when trying to view them in Nautilus, when I get a message saying,
>> "unsupported marker type."
>> It seems about 30% - 40% of the files recovered are damaged in this way.
> Assuming that all the data is really there but you have extra on the
> end, then you might be able to use convert to read the input and only
> output picture data.
> identify might be able to help you sort images from not images, and
> corruption.
>> They aren't my images and I am not able to gauge what is worthwhile or
>> not but I would like to do some triage by only considering those of a
>> certain minimum size (easy to do) and not damaged (no idea.)
>> So does anyone know of a program I can use to only copy files that are
>> not damaged? I can sort out the teenies, but don't see how to proceed
>> after that. 
> man ImageMagick
> man identify
> man convert
I wounder if Jpeg Rescue would help in this case?



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