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Re: Region 2 DVD to Region 1 DVD

On Thursday 13 November 2008 19:28:47 Rich Emberson wrote:
> So, I've got a Region 2 DVD, a Region 1 DVD player,
> Fedora 9, a SAMSUNG SH-S203N DVD+RW and some recordable DVDs.
> What I want to do is create a Region 1 version of the Region
> 2 DVD so that I can look at it using my Region 1 DVD
> player.
> I do not need to look at the DVD using Fedora, just make a copy.
> Can this be done?
> Googling about one finds numerous Linux DVD tools, scripts, sites,
> suggestions, etc. - all well and good, but I'd like a complete
> solution and not a cobbled together set of utilities that may
> or not work depending of numerous factors (and you are on your own
> to figure out what is not working).
> I know this might be a tall order. I understand that Fedora is, in
> a sense, a testbed, but its what I've got installed (and I don't
> have Windows installed anywhere, so I am interested in a Linux
> only solution).

Possibly the easiest solution is to convince your DVD player to play Region 2 
disks. Most modern players can do this if you ask them nicely (Google is your 
friend) or even by default. Pay no attention to what it says on the box or 
manual, which is often misleading, I presume for legal reasons. I have an LG 
player which will play any region, NTSC or PAL and it just came that way.

Failing that, you could try k9copy and cross your fingers.

Or run one of the DVD cloning apps under Wine (sometimes works) or under 
VMware or VirtualBox (should always work if properly configured).


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