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Re: Livestation.com - worldwide internet tv for fedora

Dave Feustel wrote:
> There is a new linux program for watching tv from worldwide sources.
> The program is available from livestation.com. It is a 77k line open
> source bourne shell script. Is there any reasonable way to check it
> out for exploits?

If it were a 77,000 line shell script, there would be nothing
reasonable about it. :)

It's not actually such a beast.  It is a shell script that extracts
the binary files and installs them.  And it does not appear to be open
source, so the answer to your question is: no, there is no reasonable
way to check this software for exploits.  The license agreement also
has the standard proprietary boilerplate that states you may not
reverse engineer, decompile, etc., the software.

I wouldn't bother with it.  But then, I don't bother much with TV in
the first place. ;)

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    -- George Bernard Shaw

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