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how to get a 1920x1200 virtual desktop on an f9 laptop?

  a colleague yesterday handed me a laptop with a 1440x900
display running f9, and wanted to increase the virtual desktop
to full WUXGA (1920x1200).  i can see from a quick google that
xorg.conf supports something along the lines of:

  Virtual 1920 1200

in the "Display" subsection.  i have to wait for about an hour
to get my hands on the laptop again but is it really that
simple?  and how can i verify that the video card can handle
that?  from memory, i believe the video is an intel 945GM

  so what's the recipe?  i can't believe it's just a matter of
adding that line to xorg.conf and restarting the X server.  that
would be *way* too easy.  :-)


p.s.  and once i have that virtual desktop, would that automatically
produce the corresponding WUXGA output on the DVI-0 port?  that
would be an added bonus.

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