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Konqueror Unusable for ordering from Amazon

I sent the following message to Amazon.com today:

To: orders amazon com (This turns out to be a useless email address)
Subject: Impossible to place order at amazon using Konqueror Web Browser


You should be aware that I can no longer place ANY orders at amazon.com
with the KDE Konqueror web browser version 4.12 running on Fedora or
Suse 11. I have had this problem for about 2 months now and it occurs
100% of the time. I can only succeed in the checkout phase of the
ordering process if I am running Firefox. Otherwise I ALWAYS get a
message "high request rate" or "high traffic". I have no idea why this
is happening. This problem is at complete variance with the very high
reliability of amazon customer service. I have reported this problem
to the kde, fedora, and suse development groups, but with no positive

Indeed, when I am logged in to amazon via https, amazon icons on the
https webpages do not display. This problem started with amazon.de a
few months ago and now occurs any time I am accessing amazon.com via
https. I think amazon should look into and resolve these two problems.

Thanks for you otherwise great service,
Dave Feustel

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